Thursday, January 29, 2009

In whispers, i hear you.
Amongst the crowd, i see you.
Between you & me, is something so much greater.

2nd Day of CNY, headed to my mum's side. There's a lot of people. & As usual, very loud. Lol. My mum has 8 siblings. 3 Guys, 6 girls. So imagine all 9 of em, inclusive of their spouse, with their children all under one roof. I have a total of 22 cousins. The house was super pack. On top of tt, during the 'lo hay' session, there was no space for everyone to lo hay tgth. LOL. & To take a group picture, is always a huge problem. Reason being, there's too many people. The camera-man gotta stand really far so tt everyone of us will fit nicely into the picture.The pictures will give you a rough idea of what i'm saying (:

I vow tt vainpot just laid there & let me snap a couple of pics of her. Some of my aunty & uncle thought she was a toy -.- LOL. I personally think tt this is a super adorable pic of her ((:

My aunties. (All sisters) One aunty not here.

My uncle. (Brothers)

My aunties, nieces & in laws.

Uncles, nephews & in-laws.

The whole family.

My family :DD

Twins, me & DouDou.

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