Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gaaahh ! I'm extremely tired. I feel weak. Booos* Was with the clique whole afternoon. Supposed to go swimming with them in the night but couldn't. Cause nik msged me saying my dad was admitted into the hospital. I was like, shocked. I just got back home from the hospital, and it's 12am plus already. Met tash and went down to the hospital. He looked so pale. My dad's treshold for pain is really high. The fact that him being admitted into the hospital, means it must be really bad. He had to wear the thing for his neck. Don't know what it's called. All my relatives were there. After they left me and tash stayed back to accompany him. The doc said his in between good and bad. So currently his under observation. He can't eat any food. His like "paralysed". He can't move his hands and head. I really hope he'll get well fast. Mum went overseas. So home all alone with siblings. Anyway, we talked to him and all. He said something that really made me feel like tearing. He was talking to tash cause i was msging at that time. He said, ' Actually i wanted to bring Nadine to changi beach in the night to watch the planes and boats. Then bring some food to eat and a mat. That was the plan. But i didn't think this would happen.' Then Tash looked up at me and gave the his-so-sweet kinda look. I feel so sorry for him. Like his always trying to help me, always so patient with me and all. Sighs* I do love my father a great deal and i don't wanna keep hurting him by making him worried. ): I just want him to be back home. He was in a 5 car collison accident a few months back. He has been going for checkups. He played Squash with my uncle and nik. And he smashed into the wall. He just laid there and didn't move a single nerve. Nik was shock cause she didn't know what to do. They had to carry him up. Feel so sorry for my dad. He was telling Tash to takecare of me and all. If i could stay there longer to accompany him i definately would. I'll probably wake up really early tmr morning to visit him before going for my dance audition.
Alright. I gotta get going already. Need to practice the dance steps and all. I'm really exhausted. This is how much i'm willing to sacrifice for my passion. Nervous and excited about tmr !

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