Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My daddy got discharged from the hospital yesterday. But he can't move his hands much though.Lol. His singing now la. LOL. Damn funny !!! Don't know whose playing the guitar and his singing. Hahahahahahahaha. OMG! If only i could record what he was singing. His own created song lyrics. Lol. Glad his much better now. But gotta help him in some stuff though.
Anyway, those who read my blog asked about my dad. Thanks for your concern people (: .
The one person i hoped and wished concern from, didn't. ): Nvm. Shit happens.
The dunking machine for the National day funfair arrived today. Freaking small la. It's gonna be the main-biggest attraction. So many students were playing it today. Student cousillors get to be dunked at $2. Selected teachers at $50. Principal at $2000. Haha. Alot huh? Then again, obviously many student cousillors will get dunk. Which is why i gotta bring extra clothes for tomorrow. Am emceeing with Nurul tmr. I like walked around the whole damn school together with Nurul to every class just to explain to them some stuff. Hot like hell la. Today was my last dance lesson, graduation day. Haha. Signing up for the second one.
The auds went pretty well. Didn't get into the dance group, but still it was a great experience. I'll join next year again. The auds were filled with people la. It was cramp and hot !! We were taught a choreograhped dance by Daniel, then after the dance we had to go into another studio by groups of 6 and dance infront of the judges. It was freaky! I did okay for he choreographed dance. But the one after the dance, i screwed up big time! THE FREESTYLE !!! I practically froze there. I didn't know what to do. Was so scared can. Haha.
Oh & .. I saw BELOVED today! Actually she saw me first. We both like "ran" to each other and hugged la. Haha. I think it's my first time hugging beloved. Haha. Really missed her la. (:
But never see daphne today. Boos* I only saw her handwriting everywhere, but not her.

; Point of no return

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