Saturday, August 18, 2007

Somehow i just miss you so much.

I thought i was doing okay, i thought i was over it
That throbbing pain in my heart comes and goes. But right now, it hurts so much
I'd be lying if i said i'm thinking about you every minute.
Cause it's seconds. Seconds that your face emerges from the back of my mind.
For some reason, i can't wash you out of my mind.

I suppose you don't know the crap i go through.
Still, you're that shining rocker i see in.
Walking pass you at the corridor, i can't help but stare
Oh you got me so mesmerized by your gaze
It's only a matter of time i'll be leaving all this behind.
To a new place, new environment, new things to adapt to.
I wasn't given a chance to choose to stay.

But boy, under that shimmering star, lies a bridge.
That's where i'll be, waiting.
I miss you so dearly.
Oh and,one last thing, 'Je vous aime' .

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