Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sometimes when you're near,

You always end up closer than close
& That's when i give in

I just walked in the rain! Wheeees* Nothing beats better then walking in the cool rain alone. That's when my true-self comes out. (: Haha. It's raining pretty heavily now.
Firstly, got back CT2 results. Nadine passed everything except Geography! CLAP CLAP* Haha.
Got second in class for Eng. ): So sad la. Just by half mark. Nvm. I'm glad i passed every sub, excluding Geog. (: It's a GREAT GREAT improvement for Nadine okay! So those who are reading my blog, go buy me 2 packets of chocolate Hello Panda as a reward. Haha.

Ate at F & S with Fazlina, Rai, ShiKin, and Kat. That was after our dance rehearsal. Tired seh. The dance is freaking nice uh. The high school musical people are just dancing to one part of it. Still, the whole dance is nice. It's a 5 min dance. Edited music, with different kinds of dance. But most of the dance is hip-hop. And it's UBER AWESOME ! Haha. Tmr there's gonna be another rehearsal again. Alright, before i go, i just wanna say..
Those taking their N levels, do well. Mug hard ! Hnag in there. After your N and O, can PARTAEE !You'll be free as a bird. All the best!
& Those who didn't do well in their prelim N level, don't be dishearten. Pick yourself up, learn from the mistakes you made and study the things you're weak in. So, all the best ! Especially to those taking their O levels. Kind of a crucial year for you guys. (: Smile wide and have a good rest.
To Beloved : I miss you like craaap eh! Never see you for 2 days! Hopefully you'll come school tmr. When you do, i'll hug you uh. Haha. xD

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