Friday, August 17, 2007

Brought Scottie to the vet. His got Dermodex. It's something like Mites. And it's like eating him up la. ): His skin is really bad la. His paws all swollen. Then his ears got blood. His body got ALOT of wounds also la. ): Feel so sorry for him. The doctor said some people choose to put the dog down. Meaning sending the dog to heaven. If you know what i mean. Then the second is to put the dog under medication. But it's not curable. The medication is only to control the mites and to make his skin better. And if i put him under medication, every month it's 300 bucks. Then my mum keep wanting to put him down. But i don't want. I held my tears back like crap la. Was so mad at my mum. So now his under medication. If in 2 weeks time he recovers, must bring him back to the vet in 1 month for check up again. Hopefully he really recovers fast !And my mum said we'll decide whether to put him down or not in 1 month. ): I'm not gonna let her put him down la. If i have to pay for his medication i will. I just won't eat or buy anything at all. ): I love my Scottie so much. He always folow me everywhere i go. Always come my room to sleep with me. When i wake up he also wake up. His damn adorable to the core la. His my adorable tiny little boy i love so.

I'll miss squeezing him so tight when i come home, as he waits for me at the door patiently.

This was taken about 2 months ago.

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