Thursday, August 9, 2007

Haha. It's probably really crowded at marina area. Lol.
Anyway, yesterday had the funfair in school. It was pretty fun! Instead of emceeing with nurul i got carried away with the dunking machine and hardly emceed. Haha. Oh well. I was dunked afew times. Damn fun la. Lol. And the COTTON CANDY !! The queue was pretty darn long la! I didn't wnt to line up at such a long queue. So waited until everyone cleared. Ate the candy floss afew times. Then kenneth gave me a really big one for free!! Wheeeees* Haha. He was doing the cotton candy all the time. He gave me some free cotton candy. Lots of ex FTPSS students came back. And familes and friends came too. Alright, enough of talking.
It's pictures time!

The dunking machine.Looks small but it's big inside.

Christopher's weird socks he wore to school. Lol.

The bladers !

Louis, the FIRST to get dunked !!!! Haha. As you can see, his really wet.

And me, the second to get dunked.

The aftermath of getting dunked!

AFTER THE FUNFAIR. WENT STEAMBOAT WITH SOFTBALL CLIQUE (: PICTURES AGAIN. xDDD In the 3rd picture, Bandahna was using a lettuce to fan the smoke away. Lol. And the 4th, our steamboat was on fire. Lol.

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