Saturday, August 4, 2007

I'm tired !! I've been practicing the dance steps non-stop. I'm really nervous la. I'm going for a dance audition this sunday. The criteria for the dance is a choreogeraphd dance, freestyle, and a dance tt they'll teach and you do on the spot. Wish me all the best !!
NOTE TO DAPHNE: Thanks for helping me with the dance steps and all. Thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU TO THE CORE LA ! Haha.
Yesterday, partially wasn't exactly a good day for me. I had STI with Miss Toh. She talked to me about my family stuff. Won't get so detailed into it. Then later on in the day, Mr Noor came to find me to talk to me. When i saw him outside my class door, i was like ' Crap! Please don't call me.' True enough he did. And even before he spoke i knew what he was gonna say already. I got upset the moment he talked about that thing again. He asked me so many questions. And i wanted to tell him why ask me when obviously i don't know anything. He told me he and Miss Toh talked. And that my dad called Mr Noor and Miss Toh. Miss Toh said she explained to my dad that i'm a good girl in school and as a student counsillor the roles i do and all. And lots of other stuff too. Then Mr Noor said that my dad's really worried about me. Mr Noor obviously talked about that thing only. I literally broke down la. Seriously, i don't like to talk about that. Not that i hate 'im, but cause it's just freaking hurting to the effing core. Yah, i do still love 'im. But honestly i don't know much. Gaaaahh !! I just don't wanna think about it that's all.
After school me and nurul met Mr Logan for the National Day funfair. I hate Mr Logan to the core la. His effing buyas and is a dickhead! Every little negative thing he directed it at me and he gave me the look like i can't do it. He practically looked down on me la wth ! I was so angry la. I was holding back my tears like crap la. Until i couldn't take it i just broke down after i left. Wth la. He said i don't know anything that's going on for the Funfair. I was like, of course i know la. I've been doing so many things, typing out the songs and all and he say i don't know anything. I felt like kicking his egghead! Whatever. Jas, sumi, jh,jp and jolynn did cheer me up after that. Dumbass Logan!! Gaaah* Thaks to the softball clique i got way way much better. We stayed in school till 7pm at Sharon Wong's homeroom. We crapped around alot la. We bought snacks and all. And took funny shots. Haha. They never fail to cheer me up as a whole. (:

Okay gotta go already. Softball clique's gonna come over soon. Till then ..

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