Saturday, March 31, 2007

attended speech day yesterday as i was performing. i performed the high school musical dance. i was so scared before the performance laas. hahas. anyways, it was fun. jac and chloe helped us put on make-up. all the guest started coming in at 6pm. the whole thing started at 7 plus. it started really late laas. then after the VIP arrived, performers went down to the canteen(waiting area) to wait for our turn. my group's the finale. and we waited for hours. cause the performers are catogorised under ' concert' . and before the concert was alot of speeches, and prize giving. after the prize giving, was the concert.
while waiting, performers were taking pictures, eating, and playing around. i took lots of pictures laas. i wasn't that bored as expected. after a long wait, the concert started. one by one all the performers went up. then came ours, the FINALE ! i forgot part of the steps laas. anyways, the worst thing that you ever want to happen during a performance .. is to actually FALL ! the darn carpet was like SO freaking slippery laas. they never tape the carpet properly. the start of our dance, almost all of us nearly trip can. jac really fell. it was embarassing. then again, the whole thing was a success.
speech day ended around 10 plus. all performers went back to their own rooms to change and everything. we had our own rooms laas. felt like a STAR. hahas :)) this year's speech day's really grand. and the NICEST of all too ! i ate at macs with ewan. it was past 11 by then. both of us were dead beat. after eating he send me home and i waited till he got a cab then i left. he went to johor today ): nvm. gonna see him tmr. hees. can't wait.
one person knew me ad irwan were together for really long and asked ' you not bored of the same person meh? ' and this was my reply ' nope. i love him what. ' seriously, if you love someone so much that it's undescribable.. you won't be bored. my longest relationship's 2 years. and in less then 2 months, i was already bored of that guy. somore i didn't really like him after awhile. that goes the same to all my ex-es. i grew bored of ALL of them. but the current one now, NOPE. i never grew bored of him. and why ? . cause i love him so much. every single day, my love for him keeps adding till it's overflowing. and his so sweet laas. that one phrase he said melted my heart for once. this is what he said ' i will quit smoking for you. i don't want our child to get a disease.' please NOTE : when he said ' our child', he means after we get married. i turned away from him and started smiling. he was sitting besdie me you see. so he leaned towards me smiling, making me blush even more. i love him so much.
joy unspeakable.


me and shikin

the lovely people !

the dancers ! :)

me and fazlina

me and raihanah.

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