Friday, March 16, 2007

sighs* ): he did not even come for my match, despite he leaving so near. and he didn't turn up for the buffet lunch toos. ): BOOS* i don't know what's wrong with him lahs. he like always bail on me. everytime we go out, then when go home that time, i have a reason why i always cry or am sad whenever we have to say our goodbyes. because i know that the moment he walks away, it's as if we've broken up. cause it's a clear cut. no communications or anything. ZILCH ! it's like what's the use of being together if there's no freaking communications. no such effing thing. he always give excuses after excuses everytime he doesn't show up or when his late. it's so frustrating lahs. his so irresponsible too. freaking .. arghhs* whatever. i just feel so upset. so what if his busy at that moment ? .. like can't he just call my house. even if he calls, i know it's only twice. if i don't pick up, then he heck care. ):
i didn't play well today. we lost to fajar. 16-17. just by 1 run lahs. ): nvm. i'm more upset about the irwan thing. i saw his friendster last night. his freaking happy. and why ? cause someone bought him a bass guitar. his whole friendster keep saying what.. happy this happy that . aughs* whatever lahs. not my problem. what hurts the most is that he doesn't know i bought him a bass guitar already. he seems happier with his new bass guitar. so, yeahs. just keep it from him lahs.
so many things hidden from him, yet he doesn't know. it's okay. as long as his happy then it doesn't matter whether i'm okay or not.
): whatever. sighs* ):

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