Saturday, March 24, 2007

me and irwan's supposed to go out today. he said to meet at 10am. yes i know it's very early. but i don't mind cause it's him i'm meeting. and his the one who chose the timing, and his not even here yet. it's past 12pm already. his so fcuked up lahs. everytime tell me not to be late and he himself can't even be discipline. i hate people who say things and then don't do it. seriously his so toot up lahs. somore i'm stuck with him. his been late more then 10 times. and he just never learns. i'm fcuking sick and tired of his BULLSHIT. sometime someday, it has to END. cause i'm not gonna be some idiot who'll just keep forgiving ad believing the EMPTY promises he makes. it's so frreaking hurting to the core. it just HAS TO END. whatever. just can't stand his fcuking attitude anymore. i've lost my trust in him months ago. now, he just made it even better. i've lost COMPLETE trust on him, so much so that there's nothing he can do to get it back. you don't just get me back. you asked for it, you face it.
he doesn't even take me seriously. the things i do for him behind all this misery. ): sighs* feel like an idiot. i was so cite about meeting him, that i actually bought new clothes, accesories, and even cut my hair. and i even prepared my clothes 2 days ago. i even canceled going out with my friends. we were supposed to go escape. and they even got me the tickets already. if his gonna take me for granted, then forget it. i'm not gonna stick around any longer. cause it's just no point at all. i'm fucking sick and tired of this life i live. it's just so FUCKING PAINFUL to continue like this. what the hell do i have to do to let go. i want to be happy, not depressd all the time !!! it's just not worth it !!!!!!
fuck. i don't even understand why i have to put up with his shit. his NEVER late for his friends. but me, his ALWAYS late. this relationship's not gonna last if this is the way he wants it to be.

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