Wednesday, March 28, 2007

speech day's this coming friday. and i'm kinda nervous. i mean, i'm dancing the high school musical.
somore i just learnt it yesterday. yesterday was the rehearsal. i was plain blur during the run through. but after the last run through, i did better then the last few. hopefully i'll get everything right by friday.
anyways, i met irwan's mum last sunday. got hell of a scolding for coming back late. whatever. his mum's okay laas. it's not my first time seeing or talking to her. but it's the most proper one. so it's more like a first meet-up. irwan was so different laas. infront of his mum his like .. WEIRD. when his with me, he eats properly. but when with his mum, he eats like nobody's business. i was shocked laas. LOLS. still, his still him. sometimes i wonder why he does suff that's either dumb, or just plain weird. but he does make me laugh for the dumbest thing he does or says. (((: and that's what i love about him, partly.

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