Tuesday, March 6, 2007

i'm so pissed with kelvin and haikel. keep saying things about me. as if their're so good. their're both FUCKTARTS. hate them to bits lahs. i'll DEFINATELY take my revenge on them man. trust me i will. i'll do something to them for sure. their're both bastards. one's a poser, the other one's a wannabe AND a big mouth.
anyways, my common test i did not do very well. BOOS* i failed comb humans and science. and failed math. sighs. past the rest. i past only 2 subs lahs. i passed my chem but fail physics. so still considered fail. nvm. i MUST work harder for the following exams. can't slack anymore. and i can't always give into my mood. i know his always making me feel down and up. but i can't rely on him. so, whatever. i still got my friends what .
today felt earthquake in school lahs. so freaky can !! i thought i was the only one who felt it. was so scared. then the whole building was shaking. could see the class moving. i thought i was just feeling giddy. LOLS. so scary. alot of people felt it too.

we're in GOD'S hands.

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