Thursday, March 15, 2007


firstly, SPORTS DAY. i ran for class mixed, softball girls and mixed. plus i played inter class handball. i was freaking tired lahs. i had to run up and down. cause i was announcing too. anyways, my class got in the finals. then got booted out in the finals. ): nvm. at least softball girls and mixed got FIRST ! whees. we beat OAC !! (((: happy happy. has*
anyways, went shopping with clairs, wanting, russle, and mitchell. LOLS. the mitchell and russle frreaking funny lahs. had loads of FUN ! xD hees. i bought a tee-shirt that said ' DADDY'SLITTLE EXPENSIVE GIRL' so nice right ??! it's so cool lahs. i LOVE it. then i bought a necklace and a havnas slipper. the havanas slipper is SO expensive lahs ! it cost 50 bucks. bought it for ewan. just as a gift. (((: hope he likes it.
tomorrow's the fajar match !! so pressurized man! gotta win this game. it's an important game. if we win fajar, we will still have hope on ging to the second round. but we gotta win fajar and methodist then can go next round! really wanna go next round ! xD HEES. determination.

lovesloves* his always not picking up his darn phone. don't know what the hell his doing. so.. ARGHHHS !! ): BOOS* nvm. whatever lahs. anyways, tmr right after match i've got SOFTBALL BUFFET !! wheeees. BLISS ! (((: can get to see him. he say's his coming to watch my match. DUH* he like lives near fajar sec. he better come to support me. (: i know for sure he'll be going to the buffet.
my wish would be that one day my mummy or daddy would come watch me play. it'll be fun. hahas. HOPES ! xD

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