Monday, March 19, 2007

today's the start of the homeroom system in school. it's kinda cool lahs. but it seems like majority of the school doesn't like it thoughs. but in m opinion, i think it's fine. except for the fact that i have to carry all my books and everything now. plus since the whole school's not very clear about which classroom is located at, it's kind of messy. knowing me, i have no sense of direction, i HAVE to stick with one of my classmates. has* ((: anyways, it's cool lahs. somore my form class is beside irwan's.
xD HUGE SMILES* hees. happy lahs.

i gave irwan his havanas slippers today. it was kinda small. sighs* everything about him is big. like.. HUGE ! everything i buy's always small. seriously, EVERYTHING.i might wanna buy him another pair of havanas slippers. cause he didn't seem happy that it didn't fit his feet. nvm. next time i'll buy tings that're EXTRA LARGE in size. the crumpler bag i'm gonna go with him to buy this saturday. as long as his happy, it doesn't rally matter how much i spend. i just want him to be happy. and of course, maybe, just MAYBE .. he'll treat me better. (: can't wait to go out with him this saturday thoughs. it's like .. decades since we both went out together. oh & .. his gpnna perform at a gig or something. he asked me to go. 8th of april. it'll be fun watching him perform. never seen him perfrom outside other then school activities. somore it's HARD PUNK ROCK. moshing and all. never been to one. so it'll be intresting to attend one. ((: hees. but that'll mean that i've gotta meet his friends. ): not that i don't like them, but i just feel really uncomfortbale around them. but what the heck. for irwan's happiness and sake, i will. no harm.

watched STOMP THE YARD with daddy at bishan. OMG ! the show's not bad. not much dancing. more like rythm, stoping of feet and clapping of hands and more of breakdancing. bishan changed SO much ! hahas. so cool lahs. the virtual land. but not much intresting games though. some shops changed, some added. kind of cool. anyways, maybe i'll go there someday with him. (:

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