Thursday, April 5, 2007

i want a line and a really really good phone. it has to be either sony erricson- the latest phone. or either nokia- the latest BUT nicest phone. it has to be either SLIDE, OR FLIP phone. cause i LOVE those type. and it musn't be too big or flat. i don't like phones that are too FLAT. yucks. and it has to have a good music player. it must be loud, and the camera must be big.

anyways, i wanna go to this sunday's gig. )): i really wanna go. cause most of my friends are going. and it would be my first and last time anyway. i wanna see how it's like. MAYBE i'll go. i don't even know whether they bought for me the tickets or the time lahs. i asked fahris and fadhli today. they say until i also don't understand. so i just nodded my head. LOLS. anyway, i most probably won't go since i don't even know the time.

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