Thursday, March 22, 2007

since last monday, it's been nothing but the most magical days i've EVER had with irwan in my whole entire life !! (((: his been so sweet and nice to me. i mean, it has been like my dream come true. i wished for him to treat me better even if it's only for 1 day. i love him so much !! i even saved some money for our future lahs. hees. i know it's dumb, but .. i can't help it. this is how powerful love is. (: i really want to last with him. we've been together for quite long already. his not exactly my longest stead, but his on his way there. going 2 years already. xDDDD i look foward to our future. this saturday we're going to go out together. i'm happy, yes. i just can't wait. it's our first date for this whole year lahs. pathetic. i know.
sighs* but somehow i still feel so empty in the inside, unsatisfied. ): i don't know. like everytime i see irwan, i get SO frigging addicted to him. i will keep looking at him. and when he dissapears all of a sudden, i start looking for him and loose my concentration. i really REALLY love him more then what it seems. his my prince charming. ut better then a prince. i mean, even though he alwas hurts me without realising it, it doesn't mater. cause i do love him. but he didn't come to school today. and i called him last night, he didn't answer his phone. i really REALLY miss him so much that sometimes, it hurts so so much !! i want him to be close to me like before.
that's all i ask for.

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