Saturday, August 19, 2006

things r sorta fine now i guess . i wish i js could haf at least one full dae with u where no worries or disturbs will cm. just me n you tgth. dats all i ask for. but i noe dats too much to ask for. cos i noe dat it'll nvr cm my wae. no matter how much i pray n wish, it js will nvr cm. woked hme in misery filled with tears in my eyes. held it back. smtymes i js think dat u're asking so much of me. i donoe how to tell u. i wan u to b happy. i just don get u at all. i sneaked out todae even tho i was grounded. u knew dat. but we had to end d dae with a quarell. no hugs nor kiss. js a luk of angst. i haf no sense of direction. im sure u noe dat very well. but u din cm afta me, again. u sae u care , u sae u love me. but y isit dat i don feel like u do. y isit dat u're all tok.. no action at all . it's so heartbrking hafing to owaes force myself to believe u in d things dat u sae. i js wan one dae with you. where everything's nice n fine. no quarells or anything negative. js one fucking positive dae with u.

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