Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 days ago was d x-country. it was said to b a really hot day then. first tyme running in d B division. i was so afraid .. nervous. cos i wanted to get top 5. n i tot dat sm of d fast runners were running, but dey weren't. sm doing counsler duty, n d sec4s don hafta cm cos dey haf d eng oral. so dere were like fewer competitors i was against. running half wae i kinda got really tired cldn't go on. until d highway i woked awhiile den run. but eevry tyme i wanna tk a rest for awhile to wok, i turn bhind n i c charmaine bhind me. so i kept on telling myself i can do it. until d turning point, up d slope dere i felt lyk vomitting. i "cried" . den i ran until d finishing line. got 3rd. yay ! hahas. den d senior boys, i was cheering fer sm otha ppl too. waited fer e1. den saw him running, d moment he ran pass me knew smthing was wrng wit him. d wae he run lyk got smthing wrng. n he fainted rite infrnt of d cones.he was 4th. but wen he fainted he dropped to 9th. ppl hlped him up, but he cldnt get up cos he was unconcious. half of him was concious. he crawled near to d finishing line n fell agn. seeing him crawl i felt so sad. wanted to hlp him but wasn't allowed. in d end mr loh n sm others carried him across d line. he was sent to d hospital. den i n louis took a cab dwn. i wanted to receive my prize .. if he was dere. but he fainted. so yeahs. i gotta shock wen he fainted. i stood still , didn't noe wadda do. in d end i went a him lahs. todae his being discharged frm d hospital. so happy for him !! hahas. visited him fer d past 2 daes. his frens all came too. so many ppl. 22 came on d first dae. rest were his relatives. mr kong came to d hospital to gif me n e1 d medal. so nice lahs !! beta den last yrs wan. real metal. x))

im glad his okae now. he msged ashraf to tell me : " tell nad thanks fer everything. she's the best girl i've eva got. tell her thanks for being with me all dis tyme. love her.. " so funae lahs. at least den i was happier. now i js got anotha prob to settle. nvm. anywae, my hdfone line is cut . so can;t use it anymore. im so tired. haven had a gd slp. todae strts CT. todae is eng paper. not so bad lahs. i am praying for distinction. i wanna get top :)) high expectations of myself. lalala` i miss him so much !! i love him too !

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