Friday, August 4, 2006

had d national dae pardade rehearsal again. lols` so BORING !! oh wells. den aftadat wen fer training, but alrdy ended. hahas. phew-* smthing happened ta 2 of d softballers so d timing was dragged. den afta dat prob was settled den FINALLY went ta kfc to eat . it was alrdy like going 8pm wen we were at d bus funny lahs d nepalese. kept luffing n luffing.i LOVE dem to bits. so comical. by d time i rched hme, it was alrdy 9:43pm. mum "scolded" me. im kinda grounded. can't watch tv, tok on d fone, or use d comp. im using it now cos i smuggled into d comp witout her notice. SMART ain't i ? .. x) iROCK -* lalala` smhow his strting to chng fer d beta alrdy. im GLAD. im js praying dat he'll b nice to be js as he is now, foreva ! :)) smiles-` todae trainng saw dem doing diamond drill . urghh !! i wanted to do diamond drill ! dangg -* nvm. mebbe nxt fridae i guess. anyhOos, im kinda tired now. tmr going out wit e1 n frens jamming. js hlp dem n stuff. cos deir're a new band. e1's sorta like deir coach. all 3 bands in d ndp parade got in. dats good news. mebbe dats y his so elated n so gud to me dis few daes. hope he staes liddat till eternity.

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