Friday, August 18, 2006

dis is one of d SWEETEST AND ROCKINGG days of mah life !! :))) everytime i wok out of d hse going to skul, i owaes hope dat i my bf will surprise me by waiting fer me at my estate dere. dats y i owaes luk fer him, even tho i noe dat he wun b dere. but todae, i went out of my hse, as usual .. filled with grief and sadness. noeing dat my boyfriend is in d hospital, hu has already been dischagred. even den his still not completely well yet. i got dwn onto the 232 bus n saw him sitting at d bus-stop. d moment i saw him, i smiled. i was so happy like shit !! x)) wheesx .. my class peeps luked at me wen i woked in n said " happy lahs .. e1 cum back skul rite ." hahas.i was so happy. i was smiling . todae im so happy. lalala` im so happy dat his backk !! hees. =) okae lahs . i LOVE him ta bits ! toadae he brot me to shop & safe n took so many chocs to buy fer me den i asked him " you very rich ahs .. buy so many things. " he replied " no lahs. wanna buy for you mahs.. " i said " wahh. u cm out of f hospital so much $$. go back to d hospital. " he bot me most of my fav chocs. he asked me to go out wit him tmr. BOOHOOS !!!!! im so so SAD !! cos i can't go out ! im grounded till d end of dis mnth !! :(

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