Monday, August 7, 2006

i believe dat 'll chng dis tyme. i don't noe y im trudting u dis tyme , but i noe dat everywan ought to haf a second chance. fer u , a thrillion hances. hahas. wells , i do wan things to wrk out btwn us of cos. i js wan us to last , dats all. but not js fer d sake of us being long tgth. dat wun b worth it. but fer us to love one anotha whole heartedly. n be happy too. dat'll b bliss to me. =)) cos i love u so -*

anywaes todae had foto tking. first wan was d cca counslers wan. gosh ` im like d 2nd shortest amongst d cca couslers juniors. so malu. lols` den we took a pic. den afta recess tk agn fer class foto. im d shortest. x( not 2nd but 1st. lols` i realy ms grow tall. i din noe i'd b d shortest. can't blame me, it runs in d family. hahas. d x-country's cuming soon ! ahs-*im scared ta death. cos like i really wanna b in d top 10 n fer d b division n in dat division i've got so many competitors. ahhs-* really hope i get top 10 . my stomache beta not gimme probs. but smhow i noe it wld. i js wish dat my stomache wldn't owaes b d one dat goes koyak. hahas. cos once my tummy's pain i can't run . i haf ta jog. which slows me dwn. oh wells. hopefully, m praying. hahas. =)) lalala` so happy ! my ss test gt 10/12. my n theo gonna compete fer d CT . c hu get highest. :))

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