Thursday, August 24, 2006

i was late fer skul todae. waiting fer him until late. hahas. its okaes. i don mind cos it's him. lols` quite alot of ppl were late. i was like so afraid dat i wld b d only one or smthing lahs. den SMWAN cheated. escape frm detention. sae not late. donoe wad lahs. hahas. teehees* anywaes.. like so many sec 5s sit fer awhile in detention den go off. cos sm is mr yew col dem den sm donoe wad lahs. ms kahvitah took d detention class . i so badly want my chinese marks back lahs. n of all times, mdm wong choose not to cm todae !! so PISSED !! i wan my tooting papers. hahas. i wan my marks. x( hmpf* tmr getting back my eng paper !! screams * so excited !! whhheeesx.
can't wait man ! lalala` madness :)) during chinese lesson i was so upset. cos e1 din cm. n wen i asked if i cld mit him thru claris , thru bin quan .. he said can't. dats wad i heard. i had no mood almost d whole dae. din wanna show it. den afta skul i used kel's fone to col him. den he said he can mit me. smhow d msg interpreted to m was diff. but anywae its gd. den js he coled me sae he can't mit me :( BOOS !! but den again sm ppl spoiled my mood even more during recess n den agn afta skul. seriously, if u guys don even noe den shut d fcuk up !! i js wish dat u guys will get outta my personal life. nobody invited u in anywae. it's my life. not urs. so bugger off. thanks fer ruining my dae. rite now i still feel hurt by wad u guys actually said. did u think dat i took it cooly ? pls ! i was faking it. seriously u didn't haf to add on to my misery. smhow i js can't forget wad u guys said. it's tooting hurting lahs. like wtf . wadever. screw u *

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