Wednesday, August 9, 2006

everytime we hafta go out you owaes cancle on me. every single time. you don even noe how it feels like to be so happy at first thinking dat i can go out with you. but towards d ending you tell me dat you can't go out wit me cos you haf other plans. it really hurts. mondae was our 2nd mnth anniversary n you cldn't go cos you haf rehearsal n i had training n i wldn't mind not going for you. but i can't n i understand n i don mind. tuesdae we were supposed to go out but u had other plans with ur frens. nvm abt dat cos ur frens asked you first. den wednesdae we were supposed to go out but ur dad din let you cos you hadda go for ur family outting. so nvm. den thurs, which is tmr .. you can't. or rather cos you haf to make ur passport its a must. n u wanna mit me afta dat but i don wanna cos by d tyme u mit me, it'll b so late alrdy . so wads the use of miting me for such a short while. not worth it. i wanna go out with the whole dae not js half a dae. urghhs` it really shattered my heart. i really wanna go out with you. i really do. i haven't had the tyme to be with you to see you or to hug/kiss you. i really miss you so much. i wanna be with you to spent time with you. but you owaes haf plans. it really really hurts so badly noeing not to go out with you. i don even noe why im crying lahs .. f***

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