Friday, August 11, 2006

IM SO HAPPY !! YES I AM ! :))) let me blow u awae wit my thrillion smiles !! hees` x)) e1 really has chnged. :) im happy like toot. he did sm things which he has been hiding frm me fer a few wiks. n he confessed ta me b4 ytd. i can't sae wad he did .. but i forgave him. but i was upset wit him. i met him d nxt dae to haf dina wit him. i gotta shock wen i saw him. he wore so formal. i was like wearing hme clothes. worse den casual. sucha outkast. lols` he combed his hair to one side, so neat lahs. so hadnsm. faints-* lols` sm things i ought not haf done but did. but i did it for a reason. n its nvr gonna happen again eva ! i promise . he promised me too. he told his frens not to tell me abt wad he did. i tot so anywae. nihoos, later dere's firwrks. donoe wad italy firewrks. den tmr dere's france firewrks. kinda cool. wanna go c. later gonna c wit irwan. =) finally lahs . lols` going ard 5 plus . im really happy now. i wanna stae lyk dis fereva wit him. im praying n wishingg dat my happiness won't b drained out by sadness n hurt. cos im happy where i m now tgth with him. he makes me really happy . his my prince -* i love him so SO MUCH . his lyk my happiness. no wait. he IS my happiness !! whhheeesx ` my hunaye n i !! he may not b my longest stead, but his the best stead eva ! we're on our wae to b d longest stead. halfway dere. =)) heesx. lalala-` i don care wad ppl think or sae abt me , i don gif a shit. sae wad u wanna sae it doesn't affect me. but if u take him awae frm me, mark my wrds. u'll b getting hell frm me.

sm girl took him awae frm me once. n now im not frens wit u. i don even wanna b frens wit u. u backstabbed me n i hate backstabbers. u did many things bhind my back thinking i wldn't noe. r u dat dumb to think dat i wldn't find out ? but still in d end i did. now i hate you. cos u took him awae frm me. even tho its partly his fault, i blame you too. sm ppl used to tell me nvr to share any secrets wit u cos u're a bigmouth. but i didn't tk dem fer real cos i really liked you n rite now , i don. seeing u spoils my mood.

honestly, i still m hurt by dat very act d both of u did. cos u two were once a couple. hafing to pretend its okae weneva i c her is like cutting my wrist , my insides screaming out ur name in anger. dats how i feel. but its ova. so il leddit go . i let it go cos of e1. cos i love him.

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