Friday, July 14, 2006

haven been blogging fer quite a while. anywaes, fer d past 3 daes din go skul cos i hadda hlp out in a gymnastic thing. at first i tot dat i wld b intresting. unfortunately it wasn't at all. d strting was. but afta tt it was BORING ! lols` 3 tooting daes i hafta go. d gymnastic girls all dance d same steps n its d same song ! wth lahs .. i was plaeing d music d whole dae. den nxt wik is guys artistic. i going 3 daes. wed thurs n fri. honestly i don wanna skip anymore lessons. im afraid i wld sate back. n i wanna do well in all my subs. so many things in my shecdule. tution training .. den d gymnastic thingy. but i can cop .. i think. my mum gonna sign me up fer d studio wu dance. FINALLY ! yays ` i've been waiting fer so darnn long. i've been pestering her since last yr :))) happiness -* whheeees ` i kinda felt pissed wit him todae. he msged me in d morn i di n reply den he cldn't b bothered to msg me agn. so .. urghhs !! i toked to smwan todae n kinda realise lotsa things frm her. decided ta gif in more . so decided ta let go abit n not owaes hold on ta him. im nobody ta control him anywaes.

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