Saturday, July 22, 2006

hais. i really really donoe wadda do. i don wanna do or sae anything anymore. todae i was supposed ta go jamming wit his frens n him . i got ready n was alrdy at d bus stop. but he din even msg me or col me at all . so i msged his fren n ask if d jamming waas still on. n actually it was cancled. i was tooting pissed. i coled him n he js woke up. it was 1 plus lahs . urghhs ! n he still can sae ' u get angry ova such a small little thing for wad ? ' like wtf lahs .. u din even tell me dat u cancled d outing u told all ur frens xcept me. n u still can sae dat. n u tk so lng to sae sorry to me. wtf is wrng wit u. y isit dat u ms owaes OWAES hurt me. yes i put dwn ur col cos u really pissed me off. n u expect me to col u back cos put dwn ur col ?? u put dwn on me owaes wen we quarell n i OWAES col u back. n now wen its ur fault i hafta col u back?? u donoe wad its like to b deeply hurt ova n ova agn. n i hafta do everything ur way. it hurts so much ! wad is wrng wit u lahs . n u don even botha to col me back. u don even botha ta msg me. everydae i live in sadness. hurt by u ova n ova agn. i don even noe y im crying now. god ! i js wished dat i'd nvr et u. everytyme u sae u'll chng, u wun. honestly im hurt by u SO MUCH .

i haf a bestfren hu undastands me so much. his like everything dat i wan in a guy. but he can only b my bestfren n nothing more. his d only wan hu undastands me. its sad to sae dat my own boyfren doesn't even undastand me at all.

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