Tuesday, July 25, 2006

went fer our skul's ndp rehearsal todae to hlp out(AVA). we were setting up d mikes n stuff, hafta test d mike if it's working, i din noe dey oned it n iwas like playing wit d mike saying ' nadine rocks nadine rocks' NON-STOP !! n dey suddenly on d mike, n i said it so loud den ppl were like luking at me. lols` den dat harris cum n ji siao me. but still, its a FACT dat nadineROCKS ! :))) lalala` stupidd . x)) so tooting boring lahs d rehearsal .. i rather do smthing ekse like watching tv rather den do dis. den dere were 3 bands waiting to audition on hu will get in. end up cos all 3 bands don haf drum set, so todae's rehearsal fer dem canceled. lols. n dey waited frm skul end until nearly 6. fer d bands, it will b postponed ta anotha dae. i hope dat e1's band` black academies will get in. he wans it so badly. he'll b really overjoyed if his band gets in :))) il b happy fer him. i wan him to b happy. x)) yups.

smhow im so in LOVE wit dis chinese song sang by donoe hu, but title coled zhi dui ni shuo !! ahhhs` faints-* its such a NICE songg. actually i only like d chorus ! :)))
saRangg hae yo zhi duii ni shuo ` i will lOve eu n fereva moRe ..

[saRangg hae yo means ii lOve eu]] -*

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