Friday, July 21, 2006

ytd went ta d s'pore idol thingy. we got free tickets ta go. smwan gave mr kamil 150 tickets. n he gave to d students n chers. so cool !me, naplese, jh, py n zana went tgth. dey all met at my hse. dey make so much noise lahs .. hahas. we tot we were gonna b late so took a cab dwn. we got into d mediacorp theatre n we were sitting rite bhind d JAY FANS !! sadly we weren't really supporting jay. we support jaokim n gayle. but gayle was out last nite. so .. yeahs. rite bside us were pual fans. jay fans n paul fans were like competeing hu scream d loudest. so irrataiting lahs. lols. den e1 n his fren were standing at d stage dere. so lols` afta d whole thing ended den dis lady jay fan came up to us n asked if we wan free tickets den js tell her she'll get us free tickets. so kind . den e1 was bhin me i din noe n he said yes. so if we wanna watch agn den we js gotta gif her a col or smthing. :)) blessed ` aites. i din go skul todae. was too tired lahs. x)
here r sm picswe took b4 n during s'pore idol.

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