Wednesday, July 19, 2006

things haf not chnged since. i js wished dat u wld understand me n realise dat d things u do r hurting me so deeply. it hurts so much. u said dat i was ova reacting, to me i noe im not. if u wld js once not owaes blame me n luk at wad u did wrng, dat'll b gifing in alittle. u sae i don gif in, aren't i gifing in alot alrdy ? wen u scold me i js kip quiet n stae calm. yet even tho at tymes it's not my fault i sae sorry. did u eva think b4 u sae or do antyhing to me. why isit dat afta so long we still js can't get along. 2 months, n im still in dis pathetic state. y isit dat weneva u get angry u vent ur anger on me. wen i tell u d truth, u get angry i undastand. but isit my fault ? i wonder y i love u so much. i wonder y i shed those tears ova u. isit worth it ? did u even noe wad happen b4 u actually sae anything. i noe dat i hurt u alot last tyme, but now im sorry. n im chnging. i js feel hurt by u everytyme. im gifing in so much, too much dat my heart's aching so much. i wish i had smwan to listen to me n tok to me abt my probs n lend me a crying shoulder. one hu'd cheer me up wen im dwn. sadly, dat person isn't u. u sae u care .. but do u really ? how many tymes haf u comforted me wen im sad ? i can't even rmbr wen was d last tyme u comforted me. cos it seemed lyk nvr.
i wanna get out of dis . did u even noe dat weneva i was toking to u on d fone im crying ? i can't bring myself to get hurt by u anymore. but smhow i noe dat even if i tell u all dese, u wldn't even care nor do anything. u'd js sae sorry . weneva u turn ur back on me, tears js roll dwn my cheeks
non-stop. i wanna BREAK FREE frm all the hurt u've been gifing me. 2 mnths n i don even feel happy at all. u said dat u'll chng, but it was all js lies. borken promises afta one anotha. to sae ' i hate u ' to u, wun do any gd. its not like u care. rite now i wanna b happy. but u stole my happiness frm me. pretending to b hu u wan me to b for 2 mnths, n u wan more. it hurts to hide all my upsetness n put up a fake one n smile js to please u. i feel lyk i don even noe hu i m now . YOU hurt me so badly n yet u donoe abt it. one last thing, but bcos i love u so .. il still gif in`

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