Wednesday, July 26, 2006

todae i had training. i hadda tk sm equipments out to d field where d soccer boys were at. dey were sitting at d usual plc dey owaes seat,on d track. den sumi ran off to do donoe wadd. left me alone to pull d pail of balls n bats. it nearly toppled lahs . den dey were sitting dere luking. i felt so embarassed. den wen i had to lift d pail into d field den dey kip saying me. viknesh was one of em. den i said in tamil ' sutala ping pong ' to naresh. js wanted to noe if he knew d phrase. den viknesh luff. den stupid naresh strted scolding me in tamil. i was like wadeva. and anywae b4 i went into d field d soccer boys kip saying me. one afta anotha. at first i din mind.. until wen i was running dey added more things which kinda pissed me off alittle . urgghh -* d moment i thinkk of it i feel like using a bat to whack all of em. dis typa thing oso so fun to tease. so DUMB !! lols` seriously, k lahs.. thinkingg of it pisses me off.

din c k7 training on d field so asked him where he was at. den afta training he was at d shop n save dere. i din noe dat. i tot dat he was at d void deck or smthingg lahs .. hais` he said hi n gave a smile to me n e1. i felt so bad cos e1 gave attitude. rite now i feel really bad n i feel like k7`s mad at me. e1 was jealous but dere was nothing i cld do. i only made it worse wen we were goingg back. cos he said smthing abt k7. n everything dat e1 said i kept defending k7. n e1 got mad cos he said y i kip defending him . so i js kept quiet den said dat it isn't k7's fault. den e1 said shhsed me. n told me not to tok abt it cos if not we'll quarrell agn. i noe k7's angry wit me. i js wanted to sae sorry if his angry wif me. im really sorry . i din mean ta make u mad or anything. i js feel tooting bad now. hais` =(

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