Monday, July 24, 2006

d feeling of loving smwan so much n being wif him fer so long feels so gud bcos i've been wit him fer so long. along d way we haf obstacles n we breakdwn but we pick orselves up agn n strt frm where we stopped.

its been a few mnths n d bickering n squabbling between d both of us nvr seems to end. we broke n patched many tymes . everytyme we broke my heart shattered into pieces n i felt like my happiness has turned into sadness. wen we patched back tgth .. my sadness bcums a sense of happiness. i don wan anything to happen to our relationship. i love him so much to let him go agn. i've decided to spent d rest of my life wit him n only HIM. im sorry if i've eva hurt u but i nvr did mean to hurt u. i js wan to b loved by u n to b cared by u even more. i feel insecure wit u. everytyme we quarell my world falls aprt.

now anotha girls n guys cums into d picture n sm of em breaks us dwn. but still we forgif ech otha n we choose to trust ech otha. but todae, d things u said to me out of anger left we speechless. has ur trust in me faded awae ? .. i've nvr eva lied to u b4 . mayb i did a few tymes , but darling dat was a long tyme ago. n i nvr did it agn eva since. i don wanna hurt u anymre cos i noe wad it feels like. everywan noes wad d feeling is like , it SUCKS ! wen i hear ur voice, it draws a smile on my face. d sense of elation in my heart, d inside of me screaming out ur name.

dere's dis guy guy hu admitted dat he likes me, n at first i didn't believe him until he bcam really serious abt it. i was shocked, yes. i didn't wan to tell u at first cos i tot dat u mite b angry n i wasn't so sure yet. d dae i knew d truth i told u d nxt dae. its not cos i wan u to b jealous or anything. but it's cos i don wanna hide anything frm u bcos u're my boyfriend n i don think dat it is rite fer me to hide anything frm u. i told dat uy dat im sorry but we can only frens cos i love my boyfriend n i don wanna do anything to hurt him. dat guy was sad, yes. but he understood. now we r js close frens. n i hope u don mind e1. cos i noe where not to cross d line. u don hafta worry cos we r js close frens now. trust me. i don wan us to fall aprt js bcos of all dis. i wan us to stick like superglue.

one last thing, i love u n only u. todae onwards, wadeva u sae il do. il try all waes n means to make u happy n not o hurt u. but if in anywae i haf hurt u, im sorry. all i ask for is for u to love n care fer me. for us to b close like d elephant supaglue. i love being close to u . it makes me elated.
i LOVE u alot !!

[irwanad] -* couples fereva`

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