Monday, July 31, 2006

todae so cold !! mum wanted ta send me to skul but cos i tot i was mitning him so said no. hais` he din even turn up. nvm. todae afta skul he like so swit. he send me to d bus stop. den he kissed me on d cheek . hahas. FAINTS-* den i told him ' cum i kiss ur pimple face'. hahas. den he luff. i LOVE it wen he smiles. so CUTE !! wheesx .. so adorable !! :)) i LOVE him. haha. nxt mon i going out wif him . cos its our 2 mnth. hahas. i nearly forgot. he gonna watch wit me firworks on national dae. like FINALLY. but cos i ask him wan. he was supposed ta watch wit his frens. n he din even think of watching it wit me. i was tooting moody ytd . cos he watched wit his frens last yr n dis yr he going wit dem agn. i feel like his frens r his steads liddat. he treats dem beta den me n r closer ta dem. yup. hoping dat he'll chng. HOPING ! x)) lalala`

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