Monday, June 5, 2006

i haven't tok much abt emerge. so now i wanna sae sm stuff abt it. it's gonna b a long post. hahas. alrightt.
dae 1 :
we had a nite session
dae2 :
we hadda morning session den in d afternoon dere's sm events going on. den in d nite session agn. it was really good !! d nite session we had lotsa surprises. guess hu came to sing ?! KELLY POON , JUN YANG, and TAUFIK !! everybody was so shocked lahs . hu wld expect dese top singapore singers to cum n sing in our church . n d 3 of dem aren't christians . d most shocking response was wen taufik came out. but he hadda most response frm d crowd. everywan was lyk so DARN highh ! dey were rally rocking d plc lahs . really loved d whole perfomances ! n d sermon was oso good . everything was so SO good ! d presence of God was dere .
dae 3:
had morning session n agn in d afternoon dere was sm events going on. mostly all competitions.
in d afternoon had talentime. i love d dances. rocks. joyous perfection was superb. den dere were lotsa singing . too much. sm ppl were sleeping lahs .. lols` i was hoping dat dere were more dancs. den d band playing , 2 guys d beat boxing. it was SO SO SOO darn nice !! ahhs ! so nice lahs .. how i wished i cld hear it agn. heesx` den in d nite session sun came backk !! ahhs .. everywan went crazy n d whole congregation all stood up n clapped so hard n loud!! den she came out n sang n everywan took out deir hdfones oned it n strted waving i ard. it was so cool ! she's so thin now. love her songs. she rocks.
dae 4:
had morning session too. den afternoon same thing. den nite session. d nite session was d grand finale. prize gifing. but i prefered d last 2 nites. it ws more lyk a grand finale. cos pst sun came out to sing agn. niu nai came tosing wit her . donoe hu's dat. lols` yups. den afta dat had sermon den went home.

here are sm pics of d emrge conf .

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