Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bali Day 5

Bali is known for it's padi fields. & Tt was the one thing i saw everywhere we went whilst in the car. But none of it can compare to the ones we saw at the place ATV-ed. It was a longggg drive up there but it was worh every second! I cld js stand in the middle of the paddi field and admire it for hours.

On the 5th day we did ATV & Tubing. Tubing was an alternative for water rafting. We got lost trying to find the place & ended up tubing instead at some place we chanced upon called "Bali International Outdoor". We drove there on our own so the rates we paid was cheaper. It cost us abt USD45/person.

Things to bring for tubing:
  1. Pair of new clothes & undergarments.
  2. Wet shoes (Must bring as u can't wear slippers into the river. There are rocks on the river bed tt may cut ur feet.)

Bali International Outdoor
Denpasar (JI. By Pass Sanur)
Sanur, Bali 80228

 photo IMG_9492_zps0d02f2bf.jpg
 photo IMG_9484_zps420af094.jpg
 photo IMG_9499_zps768118aa.jpg
 photo IMG_9510_zps856237a0.jpg

 photo IMG_9526_zps3c8070e4.jpg
 photo IMG_9599_zpsa8d80d08.jpg
 photo IMG_9609_zps4864b63a.jpg
 photo IMG_9619_zpse0d4ef2a.jpg
 photo IMG_9623_zps483ee4b6.jpg
 photo IMG_9631_zps74a0d915.jpg
 photo IMG_9643_zps912ede43.jpg
 photo IMG_0596_zps3a11b0db.jpg
 photo IMG_0567_zps35aeb812.jpg

 photo IMG_0542_zpsb9a2e5b6.jpg
Riding through the terrain was sure as hell not easy man!
 photo IMG_0527_zps79c89083.jpg
 photo IMG_0502_zpse0b284c3.jpg photo IMG_0496_zps08c9c59c.jpg
 photo IMG_0470_zps609a1a58.jpg
Has was so distracted by the GoPro tt he drove the wrong direction & the entire ATV went into the paddi field. Iza flipped over. We were all shocked.
 photo IMG_0469_zpsbcce0813.jpg
 photo IMG_0457_zps6e571835.jpg
 photo IMG_0454_zpsb0e02dc9.jpg
 photo IMG_0460_zps9c34bc3c.jpg
 photo IMG_0550_zps12e0e13b.jpg
:*) Bunny
 photo IMG_0549_zpseb52f4fa.jpg
 photo IMG_0555_zps7d4f24be.jpg
 photo IMG_0548_zps103745ef.jpg
I kept pulling any leaves i saw and stuck em in the holes of R's helmet! Hahaha the person tt was helping us take photos kept laughing.

 photo IMG_0579_zps02d70d19.jpg
 photo IMG_0572_zps35461559.jpg
So happy i got a chance to ride the ATV!
 photo IMG_0607_zps4ed94612.jpg
We went tubing aft tt but i dont hv photos of it as i forgot to bring my waterproof casing :'( There is a vid of it which i hv alr uploaded in my previous post.
 photo IMG_0597_zps41fcc0a4.jpg
 photo IMG_0599_zpsb7b3596e.jpg
 photo IMG_0600_zps5b699573.jpg


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