Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zalora x River Island. [AD]

One of my fav brands has always been River Island, the UK high street label. But when they closed all their stores in SG, i was rly sad cause they had rly nice clothes which i wld wear & their range of shoes are so me! Also, when they are on sale the items they put up are super pretty! After River Island closed down, i went to ASOS to purchase items under River Island instead. But ASOS does not have the full collection, plus i wld have to wait abt 2-3 weeks for my utems to arrive since ASOS is not based in SG.

So, all you guys & ladies would be delighted to know that

 photo zalorasg_zps52beb001.jpeg

How awesome is tt??! I was so darn happy to receive news that River Island will be available for purchase from a reliable and well known site, & even based in SG, which means waiting time for my items will be no longer than a week! ZALORA you guys are the best!!

To know more about River Island, you can read the story here. River island's AW13 campaign photos are looking great & i can't wait for it to hit the SG shores under ZALORA ! Here are some visuals of the River Island AW13 campaign shots.

 photo 130528_RI_SH14-030_CMYK_zps6e449ed5.jpg
 photo ap_risland_1_CMYK_zps85f15f99.jpg
 photo 130528_RI_SH017-040_CMYK_zps671cbc7b.jpg
 photo 130528_RI_SH19-022_CMYK_zpsd57fd1c7.jpg
 photo 130528_RI_SH13-020_A_CMYK_zpsd7775fda.jpg
 photo 130528_RI_SH07-046_CMYK_zpsfc8ef6ec.jpg

Like what you see? Hop over to ZALORA  to view the rest of the photos! Also, if you are a fan of Rihanna, she is also coming up w a line of her own!

 photo c20131308_aw13rihanna_7_zps9316e180.jpeg photo c20131308_aw13rihanna_3_zps0133f579.jpeg
 photo c20131308_aw13rihanna_4_zps76fbcc70.jpeg

It's so her right?? Hahaha when i saw the photos i was like "Omg! Its so much like somethign Rihanna wld wear!" & She designed it v well. I love the striped dress most w the hoodie.

ZALORA  has an exclusive preview launch which you can start purchasing from already! 
Here are a few which caught my eyes for both guys & girls!

 photo RIKIMONO_zps8c48589c.jpg
 photo RIKIMONO2_zpsd8b83901.jpg

This Oriental Border Print Kimono is to die for!!! Look at the pretty prints!!

 photo RIMEN2_zps026ba1a8.jpg

I love guys who dress like this. W a simple printed shirt paired w berms or jeans is good enough. Guys who wear like this look hot.. to me at least. Esp those w muscles like the model in the pic! LOL. If i'm a guy i wld wear this White Fan Print Shirt.
 photo RIMEN_zpsa11b8be8.jpg

This Blue tropical floral print shirt looks pretty nice too. You can wear it as a causal top or or to the beach! Guys, you would look hot hot hot!!

You can view the rest of the preview launch & start purchasing HERE! So remember, to sign up ZALORA  mailing list if you would like to receive updates on new arrivals on the River Island products or even on the other brands they carry!


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