Friday, September 20, 2013

Bali Day 3 (part 2)

After our hike up Mount batur, we had lunch at a floating restaurant. Which, we moved to land instead as i hv motion sickness & the "hut" was shaking vigorously.

As we were up since 1.30am-1pm, we retreated back to the villa to take a quick dip & nap. We were dead beat!

 photo IMG_0284_zps19e172c6.jpg
 photo IMG_1085_zpse23c732b.jpg
 photo IMG_1097_zpsf85a0815.jpg
 photo IMG_0321_zps83ed8bc8.jpg
 photo IMG_0326_zpsed260915.jpg
 photo IMG_0335_zps025e92c7.jpg
 photo IMG_0355_zps27c9da0b.jpg
 photo IMG_0367_zps46046230.jpg
He was tryin to tan his tighs & they are so fair & rly thin! Hahahaha.
 photo IMG_0370_zps3bc34409.jpg
 photo IMG_0375_zpsc891b40e.jpg

I bought a float for $16 i think. Rly cheap compared to the prices in SG! I can use it for any swimming day now!

I have finally uploaded a video of the Bali trip i did! It took me 1 week, sleepless nights & hours of waiting to complete the whole video! Man i've never took 1 week to edit a vid before. Anw, i hope u guys will enjoy watching this vid i put tgth. It shows a brief summary of the places we visited & the activities we did.

If u have any other qns on my trip to Bali, email me at or formspring me! (:


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