Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bali Day 6, Waterbom Park

On our last day at Bali, we went to Waterbom park. Which is said to be the 2nd largest water park in Bali & one of the best. Tbh, i enjoyed myself quite a lot. Comparing it to the ones we hv in SG, & tt includes Adventure cove(which i will be blogging abt sometime soon), Waterbom park def trumps any water parks i've been to in SG! My fav ride was the "Climax'. It's shown in my video which i posted right below this post. It's super fun & def gets ur adrenaline rushing!

I was also pretty impressed w how efficient Waterbom park is. They had massage areas, medi & pedicures, very friendly staff & their slides are fun for adults & children.
 photo IMG_0797_zps0519b235.jpg
 photo IMG_0796_zpsa6851bad.jpg
The 2nd wrist band from the right is a locker key.
The 3rd one from the right is a money card where u can use the band to purchase food & drinks by transferring money into the band so tt u need not carry ur wallet ard.
 photo IMG_0794_zps835df482.jpg
 photo IMG_0645_zps076e4656.jpg
 photo IMG_0652_zpsf9d335c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0667_zps9d060e8f.jpg
 photo IMG_0664_zps0f41e445.jpg
Massage area & manicures.
 photo IMG_0673_zps344319c0.jpg
 photo IMG_0682_zpsa10104d1.jpg
 photo IMG_0690_zps571b8ed1.jpg
 photo IMG_0699_zps55fc91c2.jpg
 photo IMG_0703_zpsc0bd5815.jpg
 photo IMG_0742_zps7657ad76.jpg
This ride, Boomerang, was rly scary! The slide down was superrrrr steep i swear i screamed my lungs out!
 photo IMG_0747_zps9789debb.jpg
Once u go down the super steep slide, depending on how heavy u and ur partner are, you will go up rly high if u r heavy.

 photo IMG_0766_zpsd9ebd34b.jpg
 photo IMG_0780_zps1e7a7ac7.jpg
 photo IMG_0785_zpsa559e6d3.jpg
 photo IMG_0793_zpse1a23dfa.jpg
 photo IMG_0795_zps8a5426fc.jpg
R's back aft taking some of the slides.
 photo IMG_0809_zps93173e32.jpg
 photo IMG_0813_zpsf5f66a03.jpg
Dinner on the last night aft swimming was the best. R & i went our own way so tt we cld hv quality time tgth & the food we had tt day was superb!
 photo IMG_0815_zpsdebbb6c7.jpg

 photo IMG_0816_zps3b265afe.jpg photo IMG_0817_zps6b0b8395.jpg
 photo IMG_0818_zpsa24086e7.jpg
The food there is rly cheap! We cld order a lot & not pay more than SGD20!
 photo IMG_0819_zpse21d9a7b.jpg
 photo IMG_0820_zpsdd450537.jpg
 photo IMG_0822_zpsdff123ee.jpg
Do visit Yulia's kitchen if u ever go to Bali. The food served is not bad & service is good too.

To see the video of my trip to Waterbom park, u can watch this video i did of my Bali trip. Waterbom park vids are towards the back. (:

& This marks the end of my Bali post! I will be back again to explore more places w R (:


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