Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bali day 4.

 photo IMG_1180_zpsb5bb2df2.jpg

On the 4th day, we did a lil sight seeing. We headed to Tanah lot. There was a temple located in the sea during the day when it's high tide. But towards evening, low tide approaches & the temple will be easily accesed. Cause during the day u wld hv to walk through the sea to get to the temple. Also, they hv a strict dresscode for those who intend to hv a look into the temple.

The beach at Tanah Lot was beautiful! There was a cliff tt overlooked the vast sea w the huge rolls of wave tt came crashing onto the rocks. It was such a beautiful sight!

 photo IMG_1115_zpsea4d9259.jpg
 photo IMG_1522_zps884a07b8.jpg
Spotted a super kick ass kite!! Its a ship!! Damn cool la.
 photo IMG_1135_zpsae2c2992.jpg
 photo IMG_1137_zpsec1099c2.jpg
 photo IMG_1255_zps56ecdb88.jpg
 photo IMG_1260_zps68f383da.jpg
 photo IMG_1267_zps19668f4c.jpg
 photo IMG_1284_zps9c6ea3b4.jpg
 photo IMG_1301_zps911e7310.jpg
 photo IMG_1351_zpsb5875278.jpg
 photo IMG_1357_zpsd9df46c0.jpg
The girls (:
 photo IMG_1386_zpsfaaff6ce.jpg
 photo IMG_1392_zps7721e119.jpg
 photo IMG_1403_zpsc2d96eec.jpg
The sun was scorching hot tt it cooked a dead crab!!
 photo IMG_1421_zpsfca3f163.jpg
 photo IMG_1442_zps6e5104c0.jpg
 photo IMG_1160_zpsf7337b42.jpg
The climber in him coming out. Lol.
 photo IMG_1188_zpsea0b3643.jpg
K-po me also wanna climb. Hahahaha.
 photo IMG_1495_zpsd3f72cf4.jpg
R climbed down the end of the cliff. Crazy right? He is always doing this kinda stuff.
 photo IMG_1454_zps2413a126.jpg
Such a perf location to take couple shots!
 photo IMG_1476_zps18810820.jpg
Iza & Has.
 photo IMG_1487_zps4c9dcfdf.jpg
 photo IMG_1491_zps27700f32.jpg
 photo IMG_1543_zpseca03414.jpg
After walking ard the beach we decided to head to the Snake garden to take a look on purpose knowing tt R is super afraid of snakes!! Hahaha.
 photo IMG_1546_zps124c4ff1.jpg
 photo IMG_1549_zps00a5e9a2.jpg
 photo IMG_1565_zps20956c4e.jpg
Initially when they took out the huge snake, we were all so frightened! It's super huge!

 photo IMG_1162_zps64f54786.jpg
Then we forced R to join us for a shot! Hahahaha he was super frightened it was quite hilarious. Lol.
 photo IMG_1169_zpsb13bbe08.jpg
 photo IMG_1202_zps74322c60.jpg
The one thing he is super afraid of is snakes so this was like a breakthrough for him to hv overcome his fear. He has ever left me w a huge snake slmost like the one above & ran away. Hahahaha i still can stand over the snake and inspect it w R at the back yelling at me to go away from it. LOL.
 photo IMG_9399_zps0bec33e9.jpg photo IMG_9404_zps71057207.jpg
 photo IMG_9406_zpsa3011d7c.jpg
 photo IMG_9417_zps9bba2d70.jpg
 photo IMG_9419_zpsf1635aae.jpg
 photo IMG_9427_zpsf9045e4a.jpg
Had seafood dinner at Jimaran beach. It was a candlelight dinner filled beach.
 photo IMG_9435_zps2004c6ea.jpg
I realized tt Bali is rly cold at night! Thank God i brought along my sweater.
 photo IMG_9459_zps1ed13a0d.jpg
 photo IMG_9470_zps5d976ca6.jpg

 photo IMG_9446_zpsa37a96a7.jpg

Pictures below are few of my fav shots.

 photo IMG_1174_zps0b616f89.jpg
 photo IMG_1348_zpsd4468c3b.jpg
 photo IMG_1477_zps6e0887d7.jpg

Topshop inspired romper: Secondskin
Straw hat w candy bow: Aldo
Inner bikini top: Cotton on body


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