Friday, September 13, 2013

Bali Day 1 & 2.

I went away on a trip to Bali for a week. It's the longest i've been away for w friends. I've never been to Bali before so i was pretty excited to be gng. I imagined myself tanning on a mat, relaxing by the sea as the waves crashed against the shores.. Doing water sports related activities like surfing & such. Unfortunately, i did none of tt. Neither did i go to a beach like i thought we wld. Hahaha we only went to the beach twice, & it's all in the night. We went there js to chill & hv dinner.

So anw, here's Day 1 & 2 of my trip! Everyone brought their own cammy's & video cams. So in total, there was close to 3k photos, & 20 over videos. Lol imagine how long tt al took to trans. I'm gna start w the visuals now & explain along the way.

 photo IMG_9950_zps5806b473.jpg
A mandatory clouds shot. I love sitting right next to the window js so i can look outside & see the fluffy clouds go by.
 photo IMG_9949_zpsa334ddd4.jpg
 photo IMG_9954_zps2721fcfa.jpg
Passed by this volcano whilst on the plane.
 photo IMG_0069_zps5f03549e.jpg
 photo IMG_0061_zps7c05e11b.jpg
upon reaching the airport, we had a car waiting for us which we rented from
Call "Gede" at +6281338341717 (to rent a car from their site)
The car we drove was spacious & cld fit 6 ppl.

I wld suggest renting a car as getting ard Bali wld be easier. There is a GPS provided in the car. But i must warn u tt driving ard Bali to do activities take an hour or so depending on where u are headed. It def beats taking a cab since the fares there are rocket high! Plus u get to go wherever u want w/o having to wait for a cab.
 photo IMG_0001_zpscc17ca6e.jpg
Aft driving for an hour or so, we finally reached our villa called "Villa NaNa". Tbh, Villa NaNa was rly hard to find as it was tucked in deep along some alley. We knew we were in the right area, but finding the correct villa wasn't easy.
 photo IMG_0003_zps623a5362.jpg
 photo IMG_0006_zpscbb28c1a.jpg
 photo IMG_0005_zpsd2af5fe3.jpg
 photo IMG_0008_zpsfdb2a345.jpg
 photo IMG_0011_zpsfe340003.jpg
 photo IMG_0014_zps79c94253.jpg
 photo IMG_0017_zps26a312c7.jpg
The 2 rooms above, are the rooms right next to the pool. Also, these 2 rooms share a toilet in the pic below.
 photo IMG_0019_zps07e5b0da.jpg
 photo IMG_0024_zps5d93704b.jpg
Up the stairs from when u open the door, is to the master bedroom. Where it is bigger & has a toilet.
 photo IMG_0025_zps26d1b60b.jpg
 photo IMG_0030_zps9d86f02b.jpg
Dining area.
 photo IMG_0032_zpsac52d7d3.jpg
 photo IMG_0044_zps9fd9e027.jpg
Kitchen w fully equipped untesils, cooking ware & etc. Personally, i was taken aback by how stocked up the kitchen was w the equipments. Didn't expect much but i was wrong. V impressed in fact.
 photo IMG_0043_zpsb2201f27.jpg
 photo IMG_0042_zpsf07f29d7.jpg

 photo IMG_0038_zps7a0ddd31.jpg
These ppl are R's friends whom i travelled with.
 photo IMG_0051_zps98f1b8a6.jpg
 photo IMG_0057_zpsba00cf45.jpg

The villa was beyond beautiful & comfy. There was only ONE teeny tiny prob. The shower located at the bottom where the 2 rooms had to share.. Was superrrrr slow! The water tt came out of the showerhead was insanely slow to the core! It took me 1hr plus to bath when usually i wld be done in 15mins.  However, the shower in the master bedroom was way better.

We booked the villa from this site here.You can view more photos on the villa from their Facebook page here.

 photo IMG_0074_zps583982a2.jpg
 photo IMG_0080_zps0f9eb04a.jpg
 photo IMG_0085_zpsaef94157.jpg
Settled for dinner at an Italian restaurant which SG has too.
 photo IMG_0091_zps50e65d88.jpg
 photo IMG_0086_zps87ca8c9b.jpg
 photo IMG_0140_zpsa69935b0.jpg
 photo IMG_0144_zps18532511.jpg
 photo IMG_0145_zps72336dc8.jpg
 photo IMG_0147_zps3f1a9323.jpg
 photo IMG_0146_zpsf24fd520.jpg
 photo IMG_0137_zpsb81afec3.jpg

 photo IMG_0132_zpsd312e886.jpg
 photo IMG_0105_zpsaf6161c3.jpg
 photo IMG_0109_zps8dd01da0.jpg
With my bunny :*)
 photo IMG_0122_zpsd158ef48.jpg

This pretty much sums up our Day 1 at Bali! Didn't do much.

 photo IMG_9992_zps398206da.jpg
 photo IMG_9996_zpsbbab9036.jpg
This right here, is pure happiness:

"Waking up in the middle of the night for no reason; Shifting under the blanket & feeling the heat of the person next to you. You turn ard and see them in their most peaceful, innocent & vulnerable state. You smile, kiss their cheek gently so as not to wake them. You turn ard & a smile spreads across your face. Then, you feel an arm wrapped tightly ard ur waist & in tt very moment, yknow it cldn't get any better than this." :)

 photo IMG_0208_zpsa78b02f9.jpg
 photo IMG_0211_zps26010fa9.jpg
 photo IMG_0212_zps91b9d91c.jpg

Our morning routine: Cooking breakfast tgth! It was the best feeling in the world to hv ur partner cook for u. The tables hv turned this time round. *Grins* Its nice to hv someone else do the cooking instead esp when i'm on a holiday.

DAY 2.

 photo IMG_0178_zps63fbab09.jpg
This flowy dress i am wearing is rly comfortable & airy.

Flowy dress: ASOS
Candy striped bow straw hat: Aldo.
 photo IMG_0195_zpsa2c8597b.jpg
 photo IMG_0187_zps4258a03f.jpg
 photo IMG_0268_zps3449d70a.jpg
 photo IMG_0296_zps7760c45a.jpg
Made a trip down to the Monkey jungle. Which to me, was not v fascinating or new cause i see it v often in my estate. But i wld admit tt the monkeys there are def friendlier than the ones wandering ard my estate.
 photo IMG_0320_zps9c4c5f52.jpg
 photo IMG_0327_zps94a620e7.jpg
This monkey was the cutest! It lied down & looked at us w doe eyes.
 photo IMG_0522_zps4f1be5e4.jpg
Note: NEVER go near a money w a baby!! U will get bitten, this i assure u. 

Why do i know?
Cause i got bitten by one in M'sia when i was younger!! I didnt know it wld bite & be so protective over it's baby. I was js a kid. The scar is still on my knee.
 photo IMG_0532_zpsf3d4c66f.jpg
 photo IMG_0301_zpsd89ceca6.jpg
 photo IMG_0375_zpsdcbbae12.jpg
 photo IMG_0395_zpsc6756732.jpg
 photo IMG_0416_zps32da1e95.jpg
 photo IMG_0493_zps96e6cf7a.jpg
 photo IMG_0425_zps91e632b1.jpg
We found a quiet place in the Monkey jungle and took some couple shots & group shots.
 photo IMG_0442_zps6ee06d0f.jpg
 photo IMG_0487_zps5838f33c.jpg
 photo IMG_0551_zps07611ab2.jpg
 photo IMG_0558_zpsa6ca70d2.jpg
 photo IMG_0569_zps94cf9a61.jpg
Deep in the Monkey jungle, there's a beautiful waterfall. The path into this area is rly narrow so we had to walk w caution.
 photo IMG_0574_zpsdca8a3a0.jpg
 photo IMG_0581_zpsa9849f77.jpg
 photo IMG_0593_zps230431c8.jpg
 photo IMG_0599_zpscc1039cf.jpg
This is Iza (: We love shopping at ASOS! Her top is from ASOS too!
 photo IMG_0265_zps618a8589.jpg
 photo IMG_0607_zpsab8e96b1.jpg
Ate at a recommended place by the friends who dined there before * our total bill came up to $12/person. We ordered quite a lot.
 photo IMG_0609_zpsb9a4d72d.jpg
 photo IMG_0610_zpsb944f941.jpg
 photo IMG_0622_zps830a3b6d.jpg
When R turned to me & said "Wanna play foosball? Come let's go play ok?"
I was stunned by his sudden initiative to ask me to play foosball & i agreed almost immediately! Hahaha.
 photo IMG_0620_zps4f90882e.jpg
My serious face when i am playing games. R told me before i get v competitive even at the friendliest games where no competition is needed. I try not to now though.

Btw, i won R all 3 rounds! Hehe.
 photo IMG_0640_zpsfb8bfbd6.jpg
 photo IMG_0647_zps2bc47da2.jpg
 photo IMG_0653_zps78850bc6.jpg
 photo IMG_0237_zps3bdaa97e.jpg
Saw this motorcyclist holding a LIVE chicken whilst riding its bike made me cringe. It's so sad to see how humans can be so cruel! At least put the poor chicken out of its misery first before hanging it upside down w it's legs tied & squeezing through traffic!! Don't let it suffer more than it alr is man.
 photo IMG_0683_zpscf4b1e92.jpg
 photo IMG_0666_zpsf702b020.jpg
 photo IMG_0681_zps8f6e3bd2.jpg
 photo IMG_0680_zpscce0179f.jpg
 photo IMG_0687_zps0bbd00e4.jpg
 photo IMG_0691_zpsb233aefa.jpg
 photo IMG_0672_zpse8cd3a38.jpg
We shopped at the DFS which is completely diff from SG's. Shopped at the Factory outlets too.
 photo IMG_0674_zpse43b2bcc.jpg
Hahahahaha because of R's ears tt are ever so obvious sticking out, he cnt wear caps! He makes his ears look bigger tan it alr is! It's js funny!

Here's a hilarious photo of R to end my Day 1 & 2 Bali post! & If u're having a bad day, perhaps this may cheer u up :)

 photo IMG_9999_zpsf8abaf8b.jpg


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