Tuesday, September 10, 2013

House (Barracks)

Good food, good ambience, awesome company :*) 

House (Barracks)
8D Dempsey rd
Tel: 64757787

 photo IMG_9647_zps190fe353.jpg
 photo IMG_9644_zpsbd4e0e21.jpg
 photo IMG_9649_zps638cf161.jpg
 photo IMG_9645_zps63362e1a.jpg
 photo IMG_9651_zps9844255f.jpg

 photo IMG_9646_zps35cda504.jpg
 photo IMG_9654_zps2a5a30bc.jpg
Seafood bisque.
Surprisingly flavourful but not the usual bisque you get. House's seafood bisque was rly runny, but tasty!
 photo IMG_9656_zps7a95f6da.jpg
Tiger prawn w crabmeat black pepper pasta.
 photo IMG_9657_zpsb4ec02ef.jpg
Hanger steak w croquettes.
 photo IMG_9658_zps33d05c9c.jpg
 photo IMG_9662_zpsf88432ce.jpg
 photo IMG_9663_zpsb6b537c1.jpg
 photo IMG_9665_zps959eeb45.jpg
 photo IMG_9667_zps4a01c87b.jpg
 photo IMG_9674_zps638aa44d.jpg
The toilet!!! SO COOL RIGHT?!
 photo IMG_9675_zps6c4a8d9a.jpg

 photo IMG_9676_zps54e3f874.jpg photo IMG_9677_zps67b86129.jpg

 photo IMG_9671_zps7d56efe2.jpg
 photo IMG_9679_zps97d5419d.jpg
 photo IMG_9681_zps6f2c86ba.jpg


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