Monday, September 16, 2013

Bali Day 3

We spent our 3rd Day hiking up Mount Batur. This, was the highlight of the trip for me. I won't mind doing it all over agn just for the breath taking view. I swear the moment u rch the top.. Climbing up the uber rocky path, the persipiration trickling down ur face- Will be all worth it!

We woke up at 1.30am & left for a 2hr drive to our destination. Be sure to sleep early the day before tt! U will need all the energy u can get!

The view is so soooo awesome i felt so happy! Haven't felt a sense of relieve for quite some time, really. So being there watching the sunrise, walking back down the mountain with the sun shining down on your face & being surrounded by tall trees/lalangs swaying side to side.. Was the peak of my trip. I cldnt stop smiling & i felt so happy js being there.

I wld def recommend gng for this hike.The hike up the 6km mountain took abt 2hrs. Hike down took longer cause we took our time. There's another mountain tt's abt 41km if i'm not wrong? I strongly suggest the 6km one. Tt's tiring enough trust me. It's nothing like running! Hahaha.

A few things to take note of if you do plan to go for the hike up Mount Batur:

  1. Wear long pants! (It's super cold & because of the rocky pathway, u may fall or scratch ur leg.)
  2. Wear a pullover/jacket! (It's rly cold. But once u start hiking u'll start getting warm & u can tie the jacket ard ur waist till u feel the need to wear it agn.)
  3. If u hv a knee injury or any sorta injury tt may hinder your physical fitness, DON'T GO for the hike! (U will regret it i swear. It's not a walk, it's a climb. It's tedious i can assure u. Gng down the mountain isn't easy either it's actually worse. The risk of u falling flat on ur face is a 50/50 chance.)
  4. Don't bring your DSLR or whatever pro cams u hv. Bring a digi cam instead or a Go Pro! U don't wanna be carrying extra weight or risk damaging your $1k + cammy.
  5. Bring a bottle of water (This is a MUST!)
P.S. We got a good deal for this hike at SGD24/person! Don't go to the tourist booths u see along the roads. Cause they jack up the price by ALOT! We called the driver who rented us the car to help us arrange for this hike. So if you read my previous post, u wld know who to call (:

 photo IMG_0040_zps33fb88db.jpg
 photo IMG_0072_zps117519a6.jpgIt's pitch black during the first 2 hours cause it's in the wee hours of the morn. But u will be provided w a torchlight. photo IMG_0031_zpsab48d7a4.jpg

Group shot!
 photo IMG_0059_zps83ecedf2.jpg
 photo IMG_0063_zps04e47684.jpg
 photo IMG_0064_zps4ca53a90.jpg
U must be thinking tt i'm crazy for wearing a spaghetti stripe. Like i mentioned earlier, once u start hiking, ur body will start to heat up & u will feel v warm. For me, i am a very heaty person. So my body heats up v quickly. Ppl who are cold use me as their heater. Hahaha no kidding. It actually helps. Lol.
 photo IMG_0069_zps5c4a0bad.jpg
Tried to take the beautiful stars tt dotted the dark skies w my Canon S95 but didn't work.
 photo IMG_0090_zps272ba913.jpg
There will be pit stops for u to rest if u need to.
 photo IMG_0097_zpsb0077acb.jpg
Ard 6am+, we were 3/4 there! This is a pit stop for those who were too tired to climb & js wanna busk in the magnificent sunrise & watch the display of colours go by. If not, there is another 3km or so up to the final destination right on top of the mountain.
 photo IMG_0753_zps9eb4bca6.jpg

 photo IMG_0776_zps8d1288b3.jpg
Drinking hot tea to keep warm.
 photo IMG_0777_zpsc56e2a85.jpg
 photo IMG_0791_zpsb6ca39eb.jpg
 photo IMG_0823_zpsdc3a4e78.jpg
 photo IMG_0844_zps1c09f607.jpg
 photo IMG_0846_zps073a0d18.jpg
 photo IMG_0861_zps122c42ef.jpg
 photo IMG_0866_zpsd97e4afa.jpg
 photo IMG_0878_zps647d7fb1.jpg
 photo IMG_0890_zpsdef3b6cf.jpg
 photo IMG_0903_zps6c0951da.jpg
Hiding in the shelter cause it was so cold.
 photo IMG_0104_zps1ed6d087.jpg
We stayed there & did not go higher. Too tired alr & it was mad cold up there.
 photo IMG_0124_zps35b2e56f.jpg
 photo IMG_0129_zps8a5d393d.jpg
 photo IMG_0113_zps94c02400.jpg
There's a huge rock tt concaves in which still has steam coming out from it. It was so shiok standing next to it feeling the warmth!
 photo IMG_0957_zps2445726e.jpg
 photo IMG_0964_zpsac9e94c7.jpg
Group shot!! WE MADE IT TO THE TOP!! ((:
 photo IMG_0969_zps41f7d22b.jpg
 photo IMG_0939_zpse699f289.jpg
 photo IMG_0130_zpsdb3d3471.jpg
Aft reaching the top we were shown by the tour guides ard the mountain & he brought us to see the volcanic crater.
 photo IMG_0142_zps0594ed72.jpg
 photo IMG_0148_zps025cc8de.jpg
The whole pathway up was filled w all sizes of rocks which made it v diff to walk.
 photo IMG_0171_zps3c208f63.jpg
 photo IMG_0177_zps089dbfef.jpg
 photo IMG_0181_zps860b6c94.jpg
 photo IMG_0184_zps7cdeade1.jpg
 photo IMG_0187_zpsea00bb5a.jpg
We had quite sometime to take all these shots as we were waiting for our 2 friends who were still coming down.
 photo IMG_0189_zps1aad23bc.jpg
 photo IMG_0193_zps1e6439ba.jpg
When our 2 other friends finally came down, we were shocked to see a whole crowd following behind. She has a old knee injury & in the midst of coming down the mountain, some guy was running down & accidentally pushed a huge boudler tt hit her ankle. As a result, she cldn't walk & it started swelling.
 photo IMG_0204_zpsa4a4f418.jpg
They carried her down until the path was clear & took her on a motorcycle down.
 photo IMG_0978_zps657b4ac0.jpg
 photo IMG_0986_zpsefdf97a0.jpg
 photo IMG_0153_zps1adcac74.jpg
The boys taking a leak. No toilet up there.
 photo IMG_0110_zps232478cd.jpg
Happy i'm a complete hiker up Mount Batur! ^^
 photo IMG_0196_zps19a6dad1.jpg
 photo IMG_0202_zps63a684ee.jpg
 photo IMG_0209_zpsd8eeeac6.jpg
 photo IMG_0211_zps8cded676.jpg
 photo IMG_0218_zps3b38a34f.jpg
By the time it was 9am, it started getting warmer and not so cold. So it was okay to take out our jackets & strike a yoga pose! HAHAHAHA.
 photo IMG_0230_zps18400094.jpg
 photo IMG_0231_zpse3372f7a.jpg
 photo IMG_0238_zps6823cb86.jpg
 photo IMG_0245_zps7234eb0e.jpg
 photo IMG_0247_zpsf122e351.jpg
 photo IMG_0274_zps13e5fd8b.jpg
 photo IMG_1010_zpsd5924d4f.jpg
 photo IMG_0996_zps1b94d779.jpg
 photo IMG_1020_zpsa01be048.jpg
 photo IMG_1024_zpsfb61250d.jpg
 photo IMG_0248_zpscfcc7992.jpg
 photo IMG_0255_zps42858df9.jpg
I can do a handstand! Used to watch tv like tt when i was a kid! Hahaha.
 photo IMG_0264_zps49c5dd6a.jpg
 photo IMG_0271_zps4b638fcf.jpg
 photo IMG_1032_zps61f3d5d4.jpg
 photo IMG_1035_zps8f3a86ae.jpg
 photo IMG_0278_zpse6825c8c.jpg
I love tt there are so many stary dogs in Bali. Wish i cld bring all of em home to give them shelter & food.

 photo IMG_0219_zpsb4053f23.jpg
Nothing beats walking down this path w R. Knowing he will be there to catch u when u fall. Holding my hand & looking at me making sure i'm okay every once in a while. I cldn't be any happier creating this memory w him. I will ALWAYS rmbr this day. For i was filled w content walking side by side w my love.


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