Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nutella Cupcakes

Easy steps on making a cupcake, with everyone's favourite flavour- NUTELLA! (:

Cupcake recipe:

3 1/4 cup Cake flour, sifted
4 1/2 Tspn Baking powder
1/4 Tspn salt
*Combine the above in a bowl*

1 Tbspn Vanilla extract
1 Cup Milk
*Combine the 2 ingredients above in another bowl*

1/2 cup + 6 Tbspn unsalted butter
1 3/4 cup sugar
5 Large Egg whites, room temp

  1. Whisk the egg whites till stiff peaks form, & set aside. (Be careful not to overmix!)
  2. Using an electric whisk, cream butter & sugar in a mixing bowl till it's light and fluffy.
  3. Add in the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder & salt), alternating with the wet ingredients(milk & vanilla extract).
  4. Fold in the egg whites into the batter using a spatula until it is well combined. 
  5. Fill up the batter till it reaches 3/4 of the cupcake casings & bake at 180C for 20mins.
How to tell when the cupcakes are cooked?

Insert a toothpick into the cupcake & if it comes out clean, it is done! (:

Using a melon baller, scoop out the middle of the cupcake & set it aside. (Do not throw it away!) 
Scoop a small tspn of nutella into the middle.
Cover the hole filled w nutella filling w the part u scooped out.
Spread w more nutella goodness & you're 3/4 done! (:

The rest wld be up to your imagination on how u wanna decorate the cupcake! (:

This is how i did mine (:

Hope this post on 'How to make Nutella Cupcakes' was helpful (:

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