Friday, May 2, 2008

Twist and turn impatiently.
This time i ain't waiting for you.
I'm standing on a thin rope thats about to break.

Have been away from the comp for pretty long due to exams. Yes, i did study. I studied through the wee hours of the night. My lack of sleep has caused the veins on my face to look more obvious now. & My dad keeps saying i'm falling sick. He was so sweet though. He gave me essence chicken before i left for school ((: The other day he kissed me too. He loves me most when i'm studying. LOL. Serious, no joke. It's nice to have this kind of close relationship with my dad cause not many people are very close to their dads. Plsu i kind of resemble him :D Haha.

Anyway, HAPPY BELATED FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY TAN YIFU! :DDD Hope you had a very great birthday celebrated with the few of us playing bowling and all. & We dined at this Sushi restaurant. & Ate a total of 61 plates. LOL. We're the 2nd recorders in tt restaurant. We stacked the plates so high till it's even taller then me.

Picture time :D

Notice the stack of plates getting higher & higher.

This picture is sick. If you get what i mean. Lol.

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