Saturday, May 17, 2008

More than blessed to have you by my side.
It's something words can never portray
But this i say to you..

Be it rain or shine, there'll always be a rainbow.

Woke up real early today for a wedding. Dressed up & did make up and all. Helped my sisters put on make up too. Met Rai first to pass her her stuff before leaving for the wedding. The wedding was small but awesome. The funniest part was that during the flower toss, all the men purposely stood infront the the single ladies to prevent them from catching the flower. Haha. The video on how the groom proposed to the bride was sweet & funny too. (: After the wedding, ate with Steph, Wing lok & Nik. Was extremely dead beat by then. I was like half awake when they were eating. Lol. Rushed back home for dinner at my dad's side. The wedding started at like 10.30am. Wedding was held at the Art Museum.

Dinner with dad's side was great. Got to play with Anja. She sat beside me during dinner. She drew me and wrote my Eng & Chinese name. Damn funny her drawing. She drew me fork-like legs and hands. Plus my hair was barely touching my head. In fact, it was floating above my head. -.- LOL. And she kept laughing to herself.


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