Thursday, September 21, 2006

yayness* finally got hold of a job i wanna tk. anyhoos, kaeseven ( i don care,i create my own version ) hlp me. hopefully il get d job thos. x)) really praying wishing hoping real hard ! really nidda job in d hols. earn more money. fer chirstmas .. n b'daes too. im pretty damn tired dis few daes. donoe why. i can slp fer hours lahs. ytd i slpet frm 5 plus all d wae till d nxt morn. den i woke up at 6am to bathe so dat i haf more time to dry my hair. todae i guess im only free in d afternoon cos i haf tution in d nite. n it owaes ends so late lahs. nvm` i hope my cough will b gone soon. it's gifing me eh headache . blehs * toodles ! :)) hees.

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