Friday, September 15, 2006

todae was irwan's b'dae . woke up early at 5am. den rched d braddell mrt station at 5.21am. i din noe dat mrt stations open at 6am. d train came at 6.01am. by d tyme i rched he woking to d ang mo kio mrt station alrdy. so i js scared him. he said he gta shock wen he saw me. lols` den we went to tp to eat macs. den afta skul, we went hme to chng den go out agn. bot lotsa things. bot rai's pressie, jh's pressie , louis pressie, n lastly, IRWAN'S PRESSIES !! x) lols` bot fer rai a bus-stop shirt. damn nice ! brown colour wit printings. den fer jh a hairband she wanted. n fer louis a tee. den fer irwan, brot him everywhere to shop. bot him a freshbox tee, a pascade tee, shoe, n a zippo lighter. he was damn happy wen i bot d zippo lighter. he saes he has been wanting it fer years. well, fer all i noe .. i spent more den $200 on him n other pressies. x)) i love him so much !
:)) hahas. lalalas` so tired now sial.

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