Sunday, September 3, 2006

just came back frm the leadership course camp . it was not bad lahs. it was kind of like a review to me cos at LTC camp we were already being taught most of the things. it was quite fun . i was so tired lahs. towards d nite denw as even more xciting but scary. cos basically mr loh were telling us scary stories n afta dat we went up to d AVA rm abt 10pm+ to watch incredible tales. wen mr loh said we were gonna watch incredible tales, i tot it was dat cartoon movie. so dumb lahs. lols` n somore i hate to watch scary movies. im d type dat'll freak out n it'll stick to my mind which adds on more to my fears. i din watch d scray parts lahs. i sat bside jac den i moved to d seat bhind to sit wit irfan n justin cos i was scared. den weneva d scary prt cming irfan wld tell me not to luk. hahas. den my grp was being coled out . we wore blindfolders n took a pen n candle. dey blindfolded us n seperated us ech on d way. we took out our blind folds, dey lit our candle, n started writing out wad we'd learn today. i cldn't even c wad i was writing. i was scared. hahas. den cos i wrie finish alrdy so i dcided to burn my paper. but not d wordslahs. but sadly wen dey moved me n qian yin tgth in a loo alone sitting in d dark, i accidentaly burnt a hole inside my paper. den i was bored so decided to tk qy's paper n burnt. lols` lame lahs inoe. i was bored lahs. hahas. second dae, in d nite dey blindfolded us inside d bus n we hadda listen to incredibla tales. to watch, listen. every counsillor can only sit at 1 seat ech. no counsillor ms b seating bside us. d aircon was rite above us n dey blasted it. so cold lahs. somore d journey dere was like so long. lols` den wen we rched we took out our blindfolds. guess where were we at ? .. old changi hospital. it was so so damn dark. we hadda get a torchlite. it was so scary. woked in as a grp n in pairs. jac n i hold hands. she made me scared wen she scream. i was luffing. kinda funny lahs. den afta dat we woked to change village to eat. hahas. so cool lahs. d last dae d facilitators cry n sm of d jnr counsillors oso cry. hahas. so touching. x)) d camp rox. den afta d whole i thing i went to meet MY dear dear !! he so swit lahs ! he waiting outside skul, dat i knew. he bot me mars bar choc n M&Ms ! big big packet. den he somore bot me a B.U.M sleeveless top . LOVE it !! i was so happy ta c him . i hugged him. hahas. love him to bits. x)) lalala`

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