Monday, September 18, 2006

ahhs * todae had eng oral wit mdm repma. lian went out of skul js ta buy smthing n told me she saw irwan. i was lyk .. WHAT ??! i told him to cm at 3pm .nt afta skul . den i tot .. nvm. i felt touched anywaes. cos i din wan him to wait fer very long .. so i js switched wit d very frnt ppl. mdm prema said i did good .. n well done. but js one thing .. i tok to fast. b4 she even said dat i was thinking if she'd sae dat. n yes she did. lols` expected.
n guess wad ? wen i woked outta skul .. he was NOWHERE to be seen ! wanna noe where he went ? to his grdma plc. i wasted my time chgning wit smwan else lahs. nvm . at least he hadda go hme fer a cause. so afta dat he coled me den i went out to mit him agn .
wednesdae my mum's gonna mit me n irwan fer lunch. i donoe whether im scared nervous or happy . i think all lahs. lols` i noe fer sure dat his scared . x)) hahas. TORTURE !!

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