Tuesday, September 5, 2006

smhow i don even noe y im so hurt by dis even tho it doesn't really lyk concern me. im shocked yes. i used to haf d belief dat dere's no such things as bestfrens. i nvr did haf wan until sec skul. i only counted my frens as close or good frens. nvr listed as bestfrens . rite now, i rather stick to my belief . cos smhow i now noe dat it's true. wadeva. i choose to believe in dat n dat'll nvr chng. i may b offensive, but u asked fer it. i hate it wen ppl ignore me. if u don wanna tok to me cos of smthing , den js sae so. don do it w/o telling me. put urself into d shoes of d person u're ignoring b4 u do it to em. getta taste of how sucky it feels lyk . wadeva. i can't b bothered anymore.

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